TumbleDry Theatre is an Anglo-Scottish theatre company based in London.

Our team have been working together in various guises for over a decade, and professionally producing shows in London and at the Edinburgh Fringe together since 2014. We are dedicated to telling really good stories – whether that’s new writing, or adaptations of old favourites.

Edinburgh Fringe 2018

We took ‘A Trilogy of Horrors’ to Edinburgh Fringe 2018 and are happy to say that we were an official sell out! Thank you to all who came to see the show and making this a reality.


Current Projects:

Monkey By David K. Barnes (Vaults Festival |13th-17th February, 2018)


Poster Credit: Siôn Clarke

‘Monkey’ is a new dark comedy from David K. Barnes, creator of the British Podcast Awards winning sitcom, ‘Wooden Overcoats’.

A few months ago, you could have found Barbara leaping from tree to tree in the depths of a distant jungle. Now she dances for spare change on the promenade of an English seaside town, at the whim of an organ grinder. Anxious, trapped and bored to tears, Barbara finds solace in the company of her owner’s wife – but can either of them escape from the lives they never wanted?

Following a decade of collaboration with the author, director John Rushton explores the play’s themes of loneliness and cruelty, depicting the bittersweet lives of a man, a woman and their monkey.

The Many Deaths of Edgar Allen Poe
selective focus photograph of black crow

A work-in-progress looking at the strange circumstances surrounding the death of Edgar Allen Poe. Extract tested at a scratch night.



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